2018-2019 Nevada FFA President

Marco Ovando


Owyhee, Nevada

Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAE)

I was a summer youth intern for multiple years with the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes. One of my major projects was designing and creating 8 ft. x 16 ft. steel signs on the TorchMate plasma cutting system. The Tribes placed these signs at the entrances to three reservoirs.

Favorite FFA Memory

My favorite FFA memory was definitely going to Summer Leadership Camp! I met so many amazing life long friends and created so many memories.


I really enjoy long distance running and hiking. I also love off-roading and traveling. More hobbies include sketching, painting, and listening to music. I also love photography.

Future Goals

I plan to graduate from college and double major in business administration and pre-medicine. I plan to further my education by going to grad school. I want to become the Tribal Health Administrator for the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes while also practicing medicine to help my people.

What do you want to accomplish as a state officer?

I was to work on becoming a more engaging and powerful public speaker in order to represent the state FFA association. I also want to reach out to every student with an interest in the future of agriculture and help them see what amazing opportunities FFA can offer them.

Favorite Quote

"We are bent, but we are not broken. We are hurting, but our lives are not over. What you are about to witness, is the power of continuation." - C.J.