2017-2018 Nevada FFA Reporter

Sydney Felton


Fernley, Nev.

Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAE)

Paid work placement, market pigs, and breeding heifers.

Favorite FFA Memory

In October of 2016 I was in charge of putting on the 1st annual Vaquero Livestock Judging Event. I was in charge of everything from getting the animals, lining up awards, getting volunteers, and delegating all of the other tasks that needed to be accomplished to make it a successful event. I was a nervous wreck because not only was I putting on and running the judging event, I was also competing in it. I ended up taking second place overall in the competition and after everything was said and done, I was commended on how well it ran, the amount of people who came out, and the quality of classes provided. Putting on the judging event helped me to realize that I do have the potential to make a difference for my community as provide a service to FFA.


I love the outdoors and my animals. Most days you can find me outside roping, riding horses, playing with the pigs, or just enjoying the sunshine.

Future Goals

I hope to use my term as a state FFA officer to really make a difference not only for the current members and students, but also for the future generations of agricultural education students.

What do you want to accomplish as a state officer?

I would really like to see the newer FFA chapters get up and running and get involved. I come from a brand new FFA chapter so I know how hard it is to jump start a program, but I believe every FFA chapter has the ability to become a strong and efficient FFA chapter. I also would like to advocate for agriculture to be integrated intot he core curriculum of Nevada's educational system.


Favorite Quote

“I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one!" - Calamity Jane