Nevada FFA State Officer Nominating Committee

What is the Nevada FFA State Officer Nominating Committee?

The selection of the six Nevada FFA officers is an arduous task for their peers, the members of the Nominating Committee. The committee members, charged by the State President with the duty to select a slate of officer candidates and elect them to their respective offices, must ensure that the needs of the State Association are placed in the hands of a capable and effective team of leaders. The candidates, in turn, must be prepared to meet not only the challenges of the selection process, but also those that they will face as officers if elected. This document serves as a guide to all those who fulfill roles in the selection process- candidates, committee members, adult consultant, chapter advisors, and coaches. It is important to note that this is not a rulebook, nor a set of regulations, merely a system of guidance on which to base decision making, preparation and evaluation.

Selecting Nominating Committee Members

Click here to read suggested guidelines for chapter selection of nominating committee members.

Nominating Committee Pre-Training

All nominating committee members must attend Winter Leadership Training for pre-training.

Registration via There is not cost for students on the nominating committee.