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Foundation Fundraisers

The foundation organizes various fundraisers to assist the Nevada Agriculture Education. They vary from year to year. To find out more information about these fundraisers, please contact the foundation.

Foundation and Nevada FFA Association Partnerships

Nevada Agricultural Education provides numerous opportunities for students to broaden their leadership skills and agriculture knowledge. The foundation always needs sponsors for the many activities.

Leadership and Personal Growth Series

Nevada FFA Association has partnered with various presenters to create the Leadership and Personal Growth Series. This is a series of conferences that build upon each other to provide the ultimate leadership development opportunity for Nevada Agriculture Education students. All six of the conferences are designed to stand alone but when combined provides a well rounded series. (Total Estimated Attendance - 795, Total Conference Costs - $48,050*)

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State Officer Influence

Student representatives from each FFA chapter annually tackle the difficult task of selecting their state officers. After a rigorous test and several interviews, six to seven Nevada Agriculture Education students are selected to serve as leaders and ambassadors. These students participate in several conferences to develop them into positive leaders. Not only do they attend conferences, but they also organize numerous events. They serve as positive role models and ambassadors as they travel throughout the state.(Total Costs - $9,800 (Includes Travel and Dress))

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*The costs vary each year. Please contact the foundation for a more exact cost.

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