Buy Nevada Agriculture License Plate!

Announcing a New Look to the Agriculture Plate!

Are you looking for a way to show your support for Agriculture and Agriculture Education in Nevada? Are you looking for a way to support the youth of Nevada in developing knowledge and skills that lead to high tech careers in Agriculture? Why not purchase the "Nevada Agriculture" license plate?

Take advantage of this opportunity to let others know that you support the work done by the agriculture industry in Nevada. Let everyone know how important it is to educate our youth about the food we eat and the clothes we wear.

Your Support Goes A Long Way

Sales of the license plate benefit Nevada FFA Foundation and agricultural education throughout the state, as well as Buy Nevada, a Nevada Department of Agriculture program that promotes the state's food and agricultural businesses.

How much of my purchase benefits the FFA and program?

Both groups receive $12.50 of the initial registration fee and $10.00 of the annual renewal fee.

How does each of these groups use the funds from the plate sales?

The Nevada FFA Foundation uses the license plate funds to support the management of state-wide student leadership development activities and other fundraising efforts.

Buy Nevada uses the license plate funds to support the costs associated with promoting food and agriculture products made or grown in Nevada. To learn more visit

Purchasing a Plate

The agriculture license plate is available at your local DMV.

Cost of an Agriculture Plate

  • Initial Fee: $61.00 or $96.00 for a personalized Agriculture Plate
  • Annual Fee: $30.00 or $50.00 for a personalized Agriculture Plate

Can I buy the old plate design?

The old plate design will not be available for purchase after July 11, 2014.

Switching to the New Plate

Customers may order duplicate license plates with the new design to replace the existing agriculture plate through DMV. They will receive the new plate design with the same number and letter sequence for the duplicate. The cost for duplicates of a Specialty Plate is $17.00. The Application for Duplicate License Plates (SP14) can be found on the DMV website.

Keeping the Previous Plate

In order to keep the previous Agriculture Plate design the original owner of the plate must keep it continually registered to a vehicle or allow it to expire for less than 30 days. The plate may be transferred to another vehicle but not to another person. If the old plate is ever surrendered or expired for more than the 30 days, they would have to obtain the new plate or choose another plate type.


Contact Heather Dye from the Nevada FFA Foundation at 775-353-3779


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