Nevada FFA Foundation Past Memorials

John C. Rose "Bud" Jr. (1924-2009) Memorial

Don and Barbara Elser created this memorial in 2009. In memory and appreciation for the long time support of Ruby Mountain FFA and Nevada FFA and for providing outstanding children to the programs. Contributors to this memorial include Don and Barbara Elser. Download the obituary.

Dennis "Digger" Digenan (1950-2009) Memorial

Digger was an agriculture education teacher and FFA advisor in Nevada for 30 years. Not only did he make an impact on the lives' of his students, he also helped shape Nevada Agriculture Education. He is remembered for his humor, nick names, and love of teaching. Dig's Life Tips for a Better Exit - 1. Surround yourself with people better than you. If you think there are none, stop reading this now. 2. Be a listener. 3. Create a village for your family. Family doesn't have to mean blood relatives. Respect others' contributions, especially to your children. 4. Always be the bigger person. 5. Treat everyone as if they know more than you. Most times they do. 6. Learn, learn, learn, then teach, teach, teach. Emotional health and medical intelligence should be a top priority, even if you are healthy. 7. Although difficult, do your best to separate your emotions from productive thinking. 8. Venture outside your safe little box. It's not so scary after the hundredth time. 9. View regrets as mistakes. They are not so permanent. Do your best to correct them immediately; there may not be a later. 10. Practice mutual respect. Love unconditionally.  

Scholarships have been established at Wells High School and Spring Creek High School for outstanding FFA students in memory of Digger. An account has been established at Wells Fargo Bank in Elko entitled The Dennis Digenan Memorial Scholarship. Download the obituary.

Robert "Bob" Calloway (1961-2008) Memorial

The Smith Valley FFA Alumni created this memorial in 2009. Bob was a full supporter of the FFA. He supported the FFA by raising funds for his local chapter and barbecuing for FFA members every chance he had. His two young daughters are members of the Smith Valley FFA chapter (Jenna and Caitlyn). He was also a member of the National FFA Alumni. Contributors to this memorial include Smith Valley FFA Alumni. Download the obituary.

Austin Jon Park (1994-2008) Memorial

Curt and Lynda Jordan created this memorial in 2008. Austin was an accomplished student at Smith Valley High School; family members said he excelled in everything he did, and looked forward to each new endeavor that life brought his way. From his role in the Future Farmers of America, to playing halfback and linebacker with the Smith Valley Bulldogs, Austin simply had a good time being a boy. Contributors to this memorial included Curt and Lynda Jordan.  The Copley Family also made a contribution in Austin's name for the 2009 State FFA Convention. Download the obituary.

Joe "Jose" Sustacha, Jr. (1919-2008) Memorial

The Sustacha family created this memorial in 2008. Joe (Jose) Sustacha Jr., was a life-long Lamoille resident. He was a talented horseman who loved training and showing stock horses. A strong supporter of the FFA, he was awarded Honorary Farmer degrees at both chapter and state levels.Contributors to this memorial include Dawn Ormaza, Bottari Ranch, Pete Bottari, Carl Slagowski, Thomas & Doreen Clifford, Don & Barbara Elser, Louise McDermott, Mike & Karlyn McDermott, and Carmen Goicoechea. Download the obituary.

Nevada FFA Foundation Don Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Each year the Nevada FFA Foundation awards a $500 scholarship at the state convention. In 2005, the foundation renamed the scholarship. It is now known as the Nevada FFA Foundation Don Campbell Memorial Scholarship. Don Campbell served on the Nevada FFA Foundation from 1998 to 2003. He was instrumental in reorganizing the foundation. He was a FFA member in Nebraska and truly believed in the organization. Many Nevada students met him at the annual state convention where he volunteered as a judge. Download the scholarship.

Lee Riggins Memorial

The Sarman Family (Ed, Linda, Carl, Marsha Sarman & Sallie and Justin McDermott) contributed to the 2005 State Agriculture Communications Career Development Event in memory of Lee Riggins. He was an active member in the Churchill County FFA Chapter. He also was the recipient of the 2004 Nevada FFA Foundation Scholarship.

Gretchen Whitehead Memorial

Curtis and Lynda Jordan contributed to the 2004 State Floriculture Career Development Event in memory of Gretchen Whitehead. She is the grandmother of Randi Hunewill, an agriculture instructor in Smith.

Joshua Nash Memorial

The Nash Family contributed to the 2003 State Livestock Career Development Event in memory of their son, Joshua Nash. He had been a participant in this event and the Nash Family has been involved with the FFA for years.

Timmy Schweble Memorial

Curtis and Lynda Jordan created this memorial in 2002. Special Message: "Timmy was very active in the Nevada Junior Livestock Swine show and showmanship. In fact, the last FFA activity he participated in was helping the Diamond Mountain FFA members prepare and show at the Nevada Junior Livestock Show. It was one of his favorite FFA activities."

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